Hay Rebaling

In recent years hay re-baling or stationary baling has become more popular with hay producers as a way to fill new and existing orders when weather doesn’t cooperate or as a way to make extra farm income. Hay producers will unroll round bales or break down large square bales into smaller 2-tie square bales that are in demand by a majority of the equine industry. With farm labor getting harder to find and specialized equipment being manufactured or custom fabricated by hay farmers as needed there has been a rise in hay rebaling. A lot of the times the first question people ask is “why not bale the small bales in the field in the first place?” or “how many square bales do you get out of a big round or square bale?” We want to use this page to take a look at the profitability, production techniques and equipment used in hay rebaling. Comment below or email us at [email protected] if you would like your operation featured on our site or other social media pages.

Below are images & video of some hay rebaling examples and how different one operation can vary from the next.