Hay Payments with PayPal

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We’ve partnered with PayPal to provide a payment system on HayMap that benefits both hay buyers & sellers. Hay purchases can add up quick. Sometimes you need hay now or would like to buy more at once but don’t have the immediate funds to do so. Paying for and getting paid for hay can be difficult at times. We understand these challenges and have implemented a hay payment system into HayMap. Only available on the iPhone app. We will be releasing a native Android app in 2018 that will have this payment system built-in as well.

Benefiting both Hay Buyers & Sellers

Hay Buyers, pay any hay seller that has online payments activated using your credit card or PayPal account. Get the hay you need now and pay for it when you can while earning miles, rewards or points on your everyday credit cards. Also protect yourself from scams and fraudulent sellers by paying for hay at the time of a pickup or delivery.

Hay Sellers, with PayPal you are able to accept credit cards and get paid securely and immediately at a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction, without paying monthly or annual fees for a credit card merchant account. By giving hay buyers the convenience of paying with credit cards you will receive payment instantly, not have to worry about returned or fraudulent checks, bank holds and potentially increase your sales when considering credit card purchases are commonly higher and more convenient than cash or check payments.

 To start offering online payments you can link a PayPal account to HayMap in the “Payment Methods” setting within the HayMap iPhone app.