The Most Secure Online Hay & Forage Marketplace

When conducting any business online your safety should come first. HayMap understands your security is the highest priority and employs sophisticated security methods. With many hay sales websites and online classified ad sites posting your personal information (email address, phone number, address and more) in the public domain you are putting yourself at risk. We do NOT post your information ANYWHERE and will NEVER sell your information to anyone. The only time your contact information is used is when you connect with another Hay Map member to buy or sell hay so you can contact them and they can contact you.

Two-Factor Authentication

Very Simple. Very Secure. When enabled, Two-Factor Authentication provides you with an extra layer of security. We will send a code to your mobile number on file to enter along with your password.


Secure Access Anywhere

Access your HayMap account securely from any internet connected device. We won’t bore you with the technical details but just know we use bank-level security to keep your personal data safe.


Safe On-the-Go

You’re protected while you’re on the move so you can stay connected and safely conduct business from your mobile phone or tablet while in the field baling, heading to a rodeo, checking cows or wherever you may be.


No Spam

Ad-Free. We don’t place annoying advertisements all over the place that try and trick you into clicking on them.